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It’s the 21st century and Working At Home has appeared as one of the latest crazes. Seems like more and more people are doing it, even more want to do it; but how many are making decent money and able to fire their boss for good?  All the so called work at home opportunities that appear on our computer screens and newspaper back pages are definitely getting a lot of attention. Like you have probably already seen, they’re all over the net with success stories of people who have apparently quit their jobs and are now making a small fortune working from their loungerooms (or sometimes still in bed wearing their pyjamas)

It’s important to maintain a healthy skepticism when searching for a legitimate and real opportunity, and that’s why this website was created. Weekly, we scour for the best work at home opportunities in NZ and put them to the test. What better way to find out the truth than to conduct our own study?

What this site now offers after looking hard databasing the very best opportunities in New Zealand is a work at home finder service, and the latest up to date information and articles about selecting, and running your own home business in New Zealand.

For far too long the internet has been a breeding ground of scams and shady deals surrounding the home business industry. It’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff and bring the best to the table.

So kick back, have a browse around, we have alot of cool local information (articles, videos and question/answer sections) about working from home in New Zealand and finding your perfect opportunity. If you have any questions and need a hand finding your perfect opportunity (we’ve looked into most of them!) please feel free to contact us as well  :)

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